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Hurry Up and Wait

I don't know about you, but I've never been good at sitting down to say a prayer. Maybe I am part of that microwave culture that wants things done quickly and prayer seems to take a long time. Some of my best prayers happen when I am rollerblading. With the wind in my hair and the smooth path ahead, my thoughts fill with people who I care about and my prayers flow.

The reality is, that I sit in the car a lot on the way to work and spend most of my time at stop signs. One day it occurred to me that I

could dedicate each stop sign to a person or circumstance that was

on my mind. Instead of getting frustrated that I had to wait at the stop sign, I started to think of the people I love. My prayers were short and to the point, but I started to feel a whole lot better about stops signs and about prayer!

With the holidays approaching, most of us are going to "hurry up and wait." We wait in lines, traffic, for appointments, and if we start by saying a taking our stop signs and saying a prayer at each stop sign, it may make a difference! It has for me.

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