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Snow Flower

The snow fell slowly at first, like the notes of Pachelbel's Canon, bringing calm to the mind's eye. In just a few minutes, there was a change and what had once been light was now heavy. The snow that was a vision of beauty, became a sight chaotic, a source of anxiety for

people who lost power or were in a car accident.

I wanted so much to be that person who parked far away from a store

to leave spaces for other patrons, to let people in line ahead of me, rather than cutting in to save time, or at least to hold the door for someone struggling to get in from the cold. But, sadly, I was not that person on that day. To my dismay, I allowed the weather to dampen my spirit and frustration to visit with me.

As I looked out the window, profoundly disappointed with myself, I saw a snow flower. It was out there in the middle of the storm all by itself. How did it stand in the heavy snow? It looked weary and worn, yet there it stood, upright- it's stem strong. It appeared to be emanating

light in the heavy storm. The resilience of this small flower captivated me. In fact, I was so mesmerized by it's color and strength that I barely heard the sirens in the air or the newscast calling for an emergency alert. In all that I had done wrong that day, my weary soul found strength in this snow flower.

It may not have been the best day I've had but just like the seasons that change, I found hope, knowing that tomorrow would bring a new day of opportunity and a change to learn resilience as this snow flower

demonstrated. And so, in the face of yet another snow storm, I give thanks for the snow flower-a sign of hope for Spring and new life!

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