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Fortune Crackers

Each day when I drive to work, I pass people who are standing

on the road with a sign about their need for food and money. Some of them are veterans. Others are in wheelchairs or have children

or pets with them. I want to look away. It's so hard to see them standing there in the cold, rain, and snow. They are committed! Even

though I don't give money, I want to do something.

Recently, I came across a whole box of peanut butter crackers and thought about giving out fortune crackers. Each person gets a pack of crackers wrapped in a piece of paper that has an affirmation like the one above.

It's so important for people to know that life can change and that no matter how difficult things are, they can get better. We are all hungry for food for the body and for the soul.

What is our fortune? Can we change it? Hopefully, each day we will

find new ways to overcome difficulties and to experience a life that

is fulfilling. We are fortunate to have a God who loves us!

Our destiny is to become great. Hear's to a new day with a different

fortune than we expected.

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