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Crazy Socks

My unforgettable, whistling grandmother had a way of making sure that we knew she had NO favorites!! We all wanted to be the favorite grandchild, but my Grammy would not have it. In her eyes, we were

all uniquely the same and equally loved.

We each tried to get the best grades or to win awards or to excel at sports. Some of us went to college and some did not. Some of us

became happily married and others... not so much. Some lived in

mansions and others lived in tiny houses, pay check to pay check.

We were each very different, but when we went to Grammy's, we were

all the same and we were all special.

Every year at Christmas, she would get us the exactly same gifts. It didn't matter what gender, what size, or even what age we were, we still got the same gift that everyone else got. When I see these crazy

socks, it reminds me of the year she gave everyone socks. None of

us could think of one good thing to say about those socks, but we

all wore them and and when we did we felt uniquely the same, and equally loved.

Even though my Grammy didn't quote any scripture or lead us in

long prayers, she convinced us that God loved us just that way.

Each of us, with our own unique qualities is loved by God. I am

so thankful to my Gram for this and whenever I feel disappointed

in myself or just plain ordinary, I think of Grammy and the crazy

socks and remember that we are all God's children, uniquely

the same and equally loved.

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