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Twas the Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the land,

folks were helping each other and giving a hand.

Though the stockings were empty and presents exchanged,

things seemed to be different, something surely had changed.

No one was napping or still in their bed,

there were visions of kindness that filled people's head

Not one could forget the presence of light

or the birth of Jesus, in the still of the night.

Instead of returning their gifts to a store,

people wanted to repurpose, recycle and more.

The decorated trees were a source of great mirth,

a reminder to each one to take care of the earth.

All that was given was meant to be shared,

Christmas was over but people still cared.

The man with the beard who gets all the attention,

was only a symbol to point to the action.

It started in a manger long, long ago,

with a God who could not let Her children go.

The Son was the gift to show us the way,

His presence brought hope and is with us today.

May each day we awake be a chance to show love,

and to make a small change like the One from above.

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