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Alexa vs. Adonai

customer service vs. customer serves

How many of us had the fun and enjoyment of talking with

Alexa at Christmas? Alexa is a device that allows us to ask for

anything from a song, recipe or joke, to a famous quote

or trivia question. After we say her name, Alexa, the device, then gives us exactly what we ask for. If we have a favorite song, we can listen to it, instantaneously. Perhaps, we want a recipe that we have used but forgot an ingredient. It is always fun to ask Alexa to tell us a joke and the device does exactly what we ask. We love the fact that Alexa gives us exactly what we ask for and we become frustrated when she does not know the answer.

Ironically, Adonai is another name for God, used by the Hebrew people, meaning God. It was interpreted to mean "I am who I am" and declared the radical freedom of God, rather than a God who is

who we want God to be, I often think of how I relate to God and realize that I am seeking more of a customer service relationship that gives me what I want rather than an informed, wise, guide, who actually knows

what's best for me.

Don't get me wrong. I love being able to tell Alexa what I want, only to have her give me the exact selection with a pleasant voice

and calm demeanor. The truth, however, is that, real relationships, truthful ones, do not do this. I certainly do not want a God who tells me what I want to hear or who is manipulated by my every wish and

request. Getting to know this device allowed me to understand the difference between a computer and a relationship, full of mistakes and

re dos with people who are flawed and a God who knows all things and is able to see the future for all of us.

The New Year is a great opportunity to reevaluate our relationships with humans and our dependence on technology. As long as we know

the difference, we can have the best of both worlds. I just don't want

to lose the common touch, the occasional mistake that allows for making up or apologies, the moments of forgetfulness filled with humor and human flaws. May our New Year be filled with real human

touch, sound, and care, and always, with God's love and wisdom.

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