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Seeing the light in our teenagers

Seeing the light through teenage years

Perhaps I am the only one who wakes up in the morning to

to see someone coming down the steps who looks nothing

like a family member, but more like a character from another dimension. When I ask a question, I am given a monosyllabic grunt, thatI am left to interpret. The other entity who sits beside me in the car is glued to a flat device called a smart phone. Even when this creature gets out of my car, a brusque "thanks ma" has replaced words of endearment or hugs. The funny thing is that we actually love each other!!!!

Some may ask why one would want to spend time with a teenager

when it is hard to see the child that we held in our arms, no longer seem to need or want our guidance and when many of the traditions that brought us so much joy are no longer of interest to them. These are the bittersweet realities of parenting. The joy of holding is intertwined to the sorrow of letting go. When they were young, I kept reminding myself that each stage was a season and that they would grow and change-and they did.

The truth is, I have taken my sons to school every day because I want

my face to be the last one that they see before they go to school.

In the silence between us, I pray for their safety, protection and

discernment when they make life choices. Each night, I make dinner,

that is gobbled down in 90 seconds, because I want to feed and nurture them. On my worst days, it feels empty, but on my best

days, I remind myself that they belong to God and I see the light in them and give thanks for the privilege of their presence in my life.

When I see that light, suddenly I remember every age, like a

wonderful book that I am reading filled with adventure and intrigue.

If you happen to be sharing a house with a teenager, know that

my prayers are will all of you. May you too, see the light!

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