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Mornings with Mr. T

I never thought of myself as religious, but when it comes to

coffee, I am exactly that. I "gottahava Wawa" coffee every

morning. My dog loves it because we go to Wawa before

sunrise and then I watch the sunrise with Vivaldi playing

through my earbuds, while she runs around the local park,

free, without any leash.

So, every morning there is a man who opens the door for

people at the Wawa, named Mr. T. I speak to him

each day and give him crackers. This morning, I just felt

like I wanted to give him a Wawa gift card. He called out

to me when I came in and I told him that I would see him

in a minute. As I came out of the store, ready to give him

the card, he spoke first and said, "I was just going to ask you

if I cuold buy you a cup of coffee." I was speechless.....

He was going to buy me and coffee and I was giving him

a gift card.

I did, in fact, give Mr. T the gift card and we spoke for a

few minutes. He wanted to do something and I told him

that he could pay it forward. I realized in that moment,

that many people want to know the joy of giving. He

wanted to give something to me. We made a connection.

The next time I see Mr. T, I will let him buy me a coffee if

he asks, because that's how we do pay it forward and

change our world-one coffee at a time. I hope that he

will soon get his truck and continue in construction. I

know that means I won't see him any more. But that will also

mean that he is moving on to better things-like abundant life!

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