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Soul Kiss

Have you ever had a terrible, very bad, no good day?

Trust me, it's no fun. At first, it was just my car that

wouldn't start. Then, I had to run to the train

in a torrential downpour. When I finally got off the train,

for my meeting, I looked at my phone to see that I was

already 30 minutes late-and just that quick,

a yellow hummer turned the corner

on two wheels and something like a tidal wave of

water covered me from head to toe. That was how I

went into my meeting. Truly impressive.

When I finally got my wet, soggy self home, hours later,

I was irritated and and exhausted. As I stepped into my

house, I slipped on the rug and fell straight on my back.

What else could happen?

Just at that moment, a huge furry body flung herself on top

of me and I felt a wet tongue cover my face. When I looked

up, I saw two huge brown eyes staring at me. Even in my

soggy, wet state, my dog kissed me and was happy to see me!

I call that a soul kiss-the kind that you get even when you

don't smell good or you look like something out of a horror movie.

A soul kiss is what my dog gives me every day, whether I deserve

it or not and it's something that God gives us every day when we wake

up and feel the rays of sun light on our skin or go to sleep under the luminous glow of the moon. There is nothing like a soul kiss because the one giving it always loves us. Happy Valentine's Day.

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